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We are a creative studio specialized in the production of architectural images and video.
We make your design more real without breaking the fragile equilibrium between dream and reality.

We are

an architectural visualization studio working alongside architects and designers for enhancing their projects and helping them participate in competitions.

  • Dutch elegance: Nightfall brilliance
  • Dutch elegance: Under the sun

Red block

We strongly believe that the right lighting is key to bringing spaces to life, accentuating architectural elements, and creating an immersive environment.

The house with the palm tree

Featuring a sophisticated exterior that complements the surrounding natural beauty, the home is designed with ample outdoor spaces to enjoy the serene atmosphere


is the key to creating breathtaking architectural visualizations. With the proper lighting, we can enhance the ambiance of a space, highlight architectural features, and create a realistic and immersive experience. Our commitment to adequate lighting is reflected in each project we undertake to exceed our client's expectations.

Rojas house

At GDA-V, we're passionate about the power of atmosphere in 3D architectural visualization. A captivating atmosphere brings designs to life, making them resonate with viewers and leaving a lasting impression.

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