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We are a creative studio specialized in the production of architectural images and video.
We make your design more real without breaking the fragile equilibrium between dream and reality.

GDA-V Architecture Visualization studio - Giovanni D'Angelo - Owner and lead 3d artist

Giovanni D'Angelo

Owner & lead 3D Artist

Giovanni graduated with honorable mention in 2011 at the Faculty of Architecture of La Sapienza University, Rome. After ten years working in prestigious architectural firms in Germany and Italy, he founded the GDA-V Architecture Visualization studio in 2021.

GDA-V Architecture Visualization studio - Cansu Aybuke - Architect and 3d artist

Cansu Aybuke Taskin

Architect & 3D Artist

Cansu graduated in Architecture from Izmir University of Economics, Turkey, and took a master’s degree at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. She worked in various fields of architecture, with experiences abroad.

GDA-V Architecture Visualization studio - Catalina Duran - Architect and 3d artist

Catalina Duran

Architect & 3D Artist

Catalina studied at the Universidad del Desarrollo in Chile and graduated in Architecture in 2020 with a major in sustainable design. During the work experience, she developed skills in different areas of architecture.

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We are an architectural visualization studio based in Lisbon. Contact us with your ideas or ask us for information, we will be glad to get back at you and help with your projects!

We are an architectural visualization studio based in Lisbon, Florence and Berlin.
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